Monday, March 29, 2010

Henry again!

I got them scanned in at work thought you might be able to see them better!
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The end

After the 2 egg hunts, lunch @ Olive Garden, ear piercing, pedicures, we got the girls McDonalds & they watched a DVD. It was quite a busy day I know it wore my butt out.
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Lexi Loo Hoo hadn't ever had a pedicure, so I took her to get her first one for her birthday.

Shelby's an old pro (her Aunt Lynn took her for her first pedicure)

Lexi Loo Hoo (her pebto bismol toes w/a flower)

Shelby~red w/a flower
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Sittin' With the Bunny!

Lexi Loo Hoo & the bunny (sometimes I'm in the bunny costume, but being pregnant, our friend Dave was the bunny)

Shelby & bunny (I'm so bummed all the bunny pics were blurry)
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Lexi Loo Hoo's b-day celebration

Lunch @ Olive Garden~Mama & Shelby

Lexi Loo Hoo & her Mom Leisha (my sis-in-law)

Lexi's before

And after! She was sooo excited!!
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Easter Egg Hunt W/Cousins

Lexi Loo Hoo & Shelby girl! They are too cute, do they know how to pose or what?

Leah baby. She was so excited she got animal crackers. She kept saying animal, animal, animal. She is sooooo adorable. I just love her, she's sooo fun!

Trey Buddy, I couldn't get him to stop eating his candy so I snapped away!

Zach~the teenager" I can't believe this is the same boy who wanted to watch "The Brave Little Toaster" everytime he came to my house. Talk about making you feel old! He's still a cutie even though he doesn't like hugs anymore. We were just missing Sydney & Mikayla (they will be here next weekend for Easter, so more pics to follow I'm sure)
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Shelby made this sign, to show Ashlyn outside her hospital room!

This is a picture of our little boy sucking his thumb! Isn't he adorable! This is Henry David Fick! He's healthy, everything looked & measured great, the doctor was very happy with everything, we were thrilled! The tech said there's one leg & another leg & something in between. Shelby "said yeah the dangly thing" When Shelby found out it was a boy she started to cry & we were worried but she said, I'm ok, I'm happy, their happy tears. When the tech was measuring Henry was sideways across my belly, she left to get the doctor. When she came back he had turned in the breach postion, then he curled himself up & hid behind the bladder & placenta, he decided he'd had enough. He's very, very active. We were so blessed to have our little Shelby & can't believe we get to have another miracle, can't wait to meet him, we love hime already!
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JA class

I teach JA to Shelby's 2nd class. The 2 grownups in the picture are Mrs. Fleming (teacher) & Miss Oney (student teacher)

Me with my class! This year has gone so much better. Last year was out of control. A little more focused this year, plus a great teacher who has control over her class! We love you Mrs. Fleming!!!! (wish we could take her to 3rd grade too)
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Shelby @ the Mall!

Shelby's playscape they put hers at the mall by Von Maur. She was sooooo proud, as were we!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So tomorrow is our 20 week ultra sound yeah, were all 3 very excited. Last night when we got home there was a message on our machine saying...The University of Iowa Hospital family place (whatever the heck it's called) is having valet parking from 10:00 to 4:00, because President Obama will be in Iowa City @ the hospital. Yikes! As if I'm not excited, nervous, & every other emotion already now I'm freaked out we won't be able to get there on time. Appointment is @ 1:00. Wish us luck!!! Vote on the poll to the right, we should know tomorrow yippee!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trivia Night @ School

On Friday night we went to a memorial trivia night for Coach Reece who passed away. We cam in 2nd place. This is Shelby doing the life sized version of candy land. Shelby & Madi both won their games.

This is a picture of my buddy Brenda standing next to some boy we don't even know. The reason I took it is he was 10 yrs. old in fourth grade & Brenda & he were the same heighth. Too funny!!!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday from _ _ _ _

So today is Monday! I'm SUPER tired. I decided to wear thigh highs today because I wore a dress & hate tight things on my tummy. I was feeling good walked into work, as I did the left thigh high became a knee high...ugh!!! We have a rule where I work, you have to wear some form of panty hose (except memorial day to labor day) today not being one of those days, I had to run next door to Hyvee & buy some. Came back  went to the bathroom struggling, sitting on the toilet trying to get into these darn things (I know quite a visual, with too much information kicker....sorry!) So I got them on, get my dress pulled down, wash hands, look myself over in the mirror & notice 2 things.....One-Man I look huge & pregnant in this dress & Two- I have a long huge run in my brand new $5 panty hose ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sucky start but I'm sure it's looking up from here! On a positive note today is 20 weeks 1/2 way there! This week the baby is the size of a small cantaloupe & the length of a banana. On Thursday is our trip to Iowa City for our Level II ultra sound, to make sure everything is a ok & in the right spot, oh yeah & whether it's a boy or girl!! Can't wait! Shelby had a thing at school on Thursday, I was supposed to come have lunch with her & they had a speaker coming ;(  so I gave her the choice of going alone to that, or going to the ultra sound, she of course chose the ultra sound. On another note Happy Birthday to my bestest buddy Carrie, happy 39th & were the same age for 4 months :)  Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday, with NO panty hose!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silly Nana

We went out to dinner with Nana & Bubby, Nana can read a thing so to the read the menu she borrowed Shelby's Hannah Montana glasses, too funny!! She has since got her own glasses. Sorry Momma had to put it on the blog, love ya!!!
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Skating Night

Last Thursday after Poms I took Shelby to a free skate thing put on by the Dad's Club. She had a blast as always. She LOVES to ice skate. She's even a poser on ice.

Shelby & her friend from class Charles. (His Dad Joe & I were in Spirit together a gazillion years ago!)
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The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

Nana Sue, Shelby & her roses. (How cute are they?)

Madi & Shelby after the play (Miss Breanda was there too she's just not pictured)
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The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

Shelby with her stage make up on & her sparkles.

Shelby as "Little Red Riding Hood"

Little red riding hood, & the three little pigs

Showcase cast, teachers & showtime pal.
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