Friday, December 31, 2010


Shelby loves Laura Ingalls Wilder, has read the books & got some of the TV shows for Christmas. She asked for gown & cap, so we gave it to her early, she loved it.
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Christmas at our house

This is Shelby's pile.

Shelby's new CD player

Henry's pile, not much but then he could care less. Although he loved the Leap Frog book we gave em.
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A Visit

Cassie & Henry. Henry was lovin' on Cassie flirting & hanging out what a good boy he was.

Shelby & Ayla. This picture is before Shelby & Ayla trashed the room. Isn't this kitchen cute Paul & Cassie made it from an old entertainment center, it was adorable. We went down to visit the Burback family (Cassie, Paul, Brigg, Lani, Ayla & puppy Willow) I'm pretty sure Willow is a small horse. Had a nice visit saw their great new house, hope to visit again sometime in the new year.
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Will the real Henry David please stand up

Henry & Leah in Henry's crib

Henry, Leah & Katelyn (Shelby's baby doll, kinda creepy huh?)
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Shelby's Birthday again!!

 Shelby, Bubby, Lexi, Nana, Trey
Shelby's birthday cake

Shelby's ice cream cake
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Christmas Play

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Denny's Reloaded

Shelby with some beauty products she got from Mil, Mike, Avery, & Emily

Opening gifts

Henry entertaining everyone

Mama enough photos please
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More Denny's

Big Daddy & Mil

Grandma SuAnn & Henry

Emily & a sleeping Henry boy

Shelby opening her gifts
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Denny's birthday

Shelby & Emily

Marie & Henry

Mil & Mike

Dave & Maggie
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You crack me up

Ev & Henry
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Friday, December 24, 2010


Ok I'm officially a large CHILD!!!! It's 5:17, I've beeen up since 2:30 am were celebrating our little Fick family Christmas today & I'm so excited to see Shelby & Big Daddy's reaction it's killing me. Happy Christmas Eve everyone, headed to church this afternoon. More snow on the ground & more to come yippeee!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!! My little alarm clock is waking up, time to go snuggle with my little man!!! Peace!

Who's That Guy?

Henry boy wearing my broken glasses. Cousin Lexi Loo Hoo thought it would be Hi-larious to put them on him. He does look pretty darn cute, but.....then I always think he looks darn cute!
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