Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got a call from my surgeons office. My surgery is October 23rd. I have to be there @ 5:15, my surgery is @ 7:15, & I'm spending the night @ the hospital. So by then it will be 6 months, can't wait to get it done & healed & move on. I'll be grateful when I can be like everyone else, swallow & not even be aware I have a throat.....ahhhhh, someday! :0)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch with Big Daddy

We met the Huntley family (minus Dave) @ a big library book sale downtown.
I bought 11 books, Shelby got 13, wahoo!
Then we went to have lunch with Big Daddy.


Big Daddy & Shelby

Big Daddy & Mama

Shelby & Mama
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Here's the after with the braids out. Wavy!
They loved it. Loo Hoo said ooo it's so pretty!
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Lexi Loo Hoo spent the night last night. The girls wanted braids in their hair.

Lexi Loo Hoo

Best buddies & cousins

Don't you wish you could fold all the way
over like them, I do! After everyone is
dressed & braids out will do some after pictures.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silly Shelby

I give, take it all!

Blue eyes, adorable
2 days off school, can't do jumping
or running, what to do, play with
Mama's panty hose!

So silly

I think the last two pics look like Daddy & Aunt Lynn Mouth open.....need I say more! :0)
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009




Shelby is going to see the "bone guy" today @ 9:15. We have a disc of her MRI & CT scan, Maggie & I looked at them yesterday @ work. I'm pretty sure her & I figured out the problem. :)
I'm going to see another enndocronoligist today @ 1:00. So hopefully both appts. go well.
I'll let y'all know later! Have a great day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dr.'s Who needs em?

Today is Shelby's cat scan @ 4:15. On Friday I went to the surgeon about removing part or all of my thyroid. Again he doesn't want to do surgery, he wants me to go to another endocronoligist. This is getting riduclous, I'm going to be one of those people who goes postal at the doctors office soon, UGH!!! I'm supposed to hear from the surgeons office today about the new endo guy, if it's not a week or less, I'm going back to my regular doctor & saying look were doing something, refer me whatever. This has been going on for almost 6 months, I'm so OVER it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Big Daddy had a long week this week @ work. He came home & said I want to play golf would you guys like to go & ride along? I asked Shelby she said (with hand on her heart w/drama involved) "Would I, I would love to go outside...YES, YES, YES!" We had a good time, it was a beautiful day! Big Daddy took this one (thank goodness for long arms)

I took these 2 pics, my arms aren't quite that long!

Shelby took this one!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Important Person(s) Day

Yesterday was very important persons day @ Shelby's
school. She chose Nana Sue & Lexi Loo Hoo.
I think they had a good time except for the dumb
breakfast. Shelby got a cinnamon roll & Lexi & Mom
had a muffin. (Shelby doesn't eat lunch until 12:50
she must've been starving. I can't believe they didn't have
fruit or another choice, oh well. So I think good time was had
by all. Shelby showed them her classroom, they met her
teacher. Very fun!!!

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I got a call from Shelby's Dr's office this morning, she has a broken bone in her foot. I felt like such a bad Mom. I told all these people something wasn't right I could feel it, everyone seemed to think I was overreacting UGH! So they want her to have a CT scan on Monday @ 4:15 & then the bone Doctor
on Wednesday @ 9:15. Poor baby, on Sunday it will be 2 weeks, she's been quite a trooper. I'll let everyone know what they say. Thanks for listening!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MRI & A Nap!

Before the MRI she was crying and having a minor melt down
because she was scared (she also found out we couldn't go with her)
Baby went with her so next to Mama & Daddy she's the best.
Got her in there & the tech Terri was telling her
everything that was going to happen, and she couldn't move.
Can't move a finger, an eye, etc. We went to the hall &
I said OMG Shelby's never sat still in her whole life, yikes!
Well she did fine, she relaxed so much she fell asleep,
so it was no big deal. Having an MRI on a child
@ 7:30 or 8:00 at night is the best way to do it.
So now just waiting for the results.
Thank you to the rad group, & Terri, they were
great with Shelby

You can't see it, but in between her arms is baby
squeezed really tight. (A loyal friend for almost 8yrs.)
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foot update!

Tonight at 7:30 Shelby is having a MRI
on her foot. Still can't wear a shoe, the bruise
is for sure better, but the swelling still isn't gone
& it's been a week and a 1/2.
I'll blog when I get the results.
Anyone who knows me, really knows me
knows that I HATE feet, with a capital H.
I  never  thought  I would be blogging about feet EVER.
Wow see how much I love my daughter?
Shelby has a very exciting day tomorrow,
Lexi & Nana Sue are coming to her school
for "My important Person Day"
She's soooooo excited.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like Mother/Like Daughter

Thank God my baby LOVES to read as I do! Every night she does her homework, & homework reading, then she does reading for fun right before bed to relax her (just like me!) I sure hope her love of books continue throughout her life time.
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Another update!

Shelby went to school today with a tennis shoe & a slipper (she said it kinda hurts but I'll be OK) I put her wrap & sock in her backpack, I'm guessing she'll have it on when I pick her up. I called her Dr's office today, I think we need to have an MRI, I just don't think it's getting better fast enough. I worry that were having her walk on it & something is seriously wrong, so just to be sure, another test. It's so hard parenting sometimes, you just never know if your doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Oh well we have to give Shelby something to discuss in therapy. :) Oh & update on the game between Big Daddy & I. Me~150.... Big Daddy....122. I WON, I WON!!!! I beat Big Daddy...YAHOO. OK I'm done thanks for letting me brag for a moment. It might be the only game I win all season but that's OK by me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Football and a foot!

  • OK so 4 interceptions, Are you kidding me? Cutler I'm thinking some not so nice thoughts about you right now!!!!
  • Now Urlacher is out for the season. Bad before we hardly get started ugh!
  • On a happier note, I scored 150 points on my fantasy league, Daren scored 114, can we say awwwwwww.......He still has 2 players tonight so he could still win but doubtful. Hopefully I'll be bragging tomorrow, love you Big Daddy ;)
  • This hurts my heart & pride but....choke.....gag......cough....congratulations to all you Packers fans out there. Cutler & Rodgers how bout them quarterbacks huh?
  • On a non football related subject. Still can't get a shoe on Shelby's foot. She said "Look Mom it's all different colors, cool huh?" (If you consider yellow, black, purple, green, & blue cool looking) Shelby starts her fall acting class tonight @ 4:00

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???

I am!!!!! Go Bears! We have Sunday ticket free this weekend, how excited are we? Daren's going to mow the lawn, I'm running to get groceries then laundry. Trying to get our work down so we can scream at the TV all afternoon & evening (Shelby hates it, she says Mommy you yell too much!!! I'm sorry who's kid are you?) Hope you enjoy this Sunday football day, I hope all your teams do well for you, except the Packers (because they're playing Da' Bears) We also have our fantasy league Piglets (me) -VS- Hawks (Daren) so today should be fun!!! Your goin' down Big Daddy! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


These are pictures from today, the fall happened on Sunday. Shelby still can't get her shoe on. I took her to her doctor yesterday & she said let's wait a week if it's not better we'll do a MRI.
Poor baby, still bruised, swollen, & sore.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Shelby is @ school today. She tried to walk into the school with her sandal on, by the time we got to her room it was killing her, so I asked the teacher if she could wear a sock, she said sure. I'm taking her to see the doctor @ 4:00 it's still swelled & bruised, I just want to make sure it's OK. Shelby was soooo excited to get back to school today she was giddy (obviously she's still in elementary school otherwise she'd be like no school Yahoo) I'll let you know what the Dr. says.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Foot Update

Shelby was home from school yesterday, she couldn't put any weight on her foot. Nor could she get her shoe on. It was fun staying home with Mom until about 10 or 11 then she was done with it. Last night we had to take some movies back to Family Video, so I said Shelby do you want to go for a ride? You would've thought I said "it's Christmas" she said ahhhh...a little fresh air (she hasn't been out of the house since Sunday night after the hospital) She's staying home from school again today. She's doing a math workbook, she misses school so much, I have to go pick up her homework from school. She's able to walk on her tippy toes (briefly) but she's trying. It's still swollen not as bad as Sunday but still swollen & very bruised, poor baby. Hopefully tomorrow.

Monday, September 7, 2009


As I said in the golf one, on the 10Th hole my phone rang. It was my brother Dave. He said Shelby hurt her foot, it's swelled up & hurting her. He said I don't think it's broken, she's doing alright now she's playing a game I don't think you need to rush & get her. OK so we kept playing golf. When we got to Miss Pam's where Dave & Leisha & the kids were Shelby was sitting with ice on it watching a movie. Dave said she won't put any weight on it, & she had a major meltdown. He said like the world is ending. I said yeah I've seen that before (more times than I care to think about) So we say thanks for watching her, sorry for the drama, we'll take her to the hospital just to get it checked out. We get her in the van & the hysterical crying starts, she nearly makes her self sick & hyperventilate all at one (what a feat huh? Phew!) So this goes on most of the way to our house, we stopped to get faithful friends baby & blankey (plus books, leapster, etc...I'm a Mom the art of distraction is my best tool) So we get her to the hospital, wait for a little while not too long though. Then back to the room where she's freaking out again. The nurse says were going to give her a small dose of morphine to help with the pain. Then Shelby starts freaking out about getting a shot. So I say to the nurse your just going to have to do it, she's not going to let you, so I held up her arm & she did the shot. Shelby screamed & freaked out the nurse left & Shelby's screaming she's trying to hurt me, she doesn't like me, oh my. Then Shelby says I have to go potty, Daddy says I'm not taking you until you calm down. So we got her calm, she pottied then as she was washing her hands she looked like she was going to fall over she was so tired (yeah the drugs kicked in) we took her back to the room & she took a little nap. Then the x-ray tech comes in (Shelby was much calmer) She says one parent can come back, she screams I want Mommy, OK. So then on the way back she says to the x-ray lady can you drive smoother it's too bumpy. Then we get back there every time she took an x-ray she's say hold still, I'm taking a picture & Shelby did her pose & smiled as if she was taking it of her face (it was sooo cute) Then the tech says I need to check these & make sure they're alright. So she goes to check & Shelby falls asleep again. She comes back no we have to do 1 again, ugh! So we do that & Shelby says to her, you promise that's it right? I say to the tech good thing your seeing her now & not when we first got in here, she said oh no I heard her. She says are you cold do you need a blanket? Shelby says no I'm hot. OK so back to the room, we get back & Shelby says I'm cold, OK so our nurse came in to bring her a blanket one of the heated warm kind (ooh I was jealous) She opens up her eyes briefly looks at the nurse & says I noticed your name tag, Your name & mine are only one letter off. (Her name was Shelly) X-rays came back, not broken, Shelby said I'm break free YES!! So she slept all night. She's not putting much weight on it yet but she's moving it around a bit. We'll have to see how it goes.
This is when she went to sleep the first time she hasn't been sleeping well lately (which we found out was from the books she was reading right before bed) Plus she ran @ the Church thing for awhile, then rode her bike, with Lexi, then played @ the park, then fell, hurt herself, & cried about a gazillion times today & tonight. Wow I'd be exhausted to. This was right before the shot.
The foot which you can't see but it was swollen and bruised.
This was after the shot, the x-rays, & right before the warm blanket.
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Sunday afternoon Golf

Big Daddy playing the game he loves, more than.....ummm.....ALMOST everything :)
Mama & Big Daddy stylin' in the golf cart. Aren't we cute? Hehehe!!!
Our friends Maggie & Dave. We played golf on Sunday after the church outing. We played @ Emeis, the first 9 holes was pretty good, I was getting better, then I started to get really tired. We got a phone call on the 10 hole (what the phone call was about I will document about later) Thanks Dave & Leisha for watching Shelb for us for like 7 hours, we appreciate it!
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Leaving Weed Park

Mama and Shelby
Shelby & Big Daddy
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Bounce house with a slide kicker

Here's when she first got in here.
Alright let's start bouncing!

Down the slide. Her suit was a little wet from the slip & slide, so she decided to jump down the slide instead of sliding down.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Flying through the air with the greatest of ease. She had a blast in there!
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