Thursday, June 30, 2011

Medical Updates

I got my results from the biopsy, it was a benign Lymph node yeah, so grateful!!! Shelby was still having migraine headaches & they were getting worse 4 in 3 days time YIKES!! So we got into the neurologist & he gave her some preventative medication to take twice a day. Knock on wood, no headaches since. Today is her MRI hopefully we can get this figured out....poor baby!! I'll blog when I know anything, continued prayers would be appreciated. Off to the Keith Urban concert after that, should be a good time (pics to follow)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainforest Cafe Again

Tree hugger

Had a great time at Rain Forest Cafe (our lovely $50 lunch for 3...yikes!!!)

Rasta Man
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Rainforest Cafe

Happy Father's Day Big Daddy your the best!!! We all love you like crazy!!!

Mini Me!!!
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More Chicago

Shelby on the luggage cart (she wanted to act like Suite life of Zach & Cody)

what a ham

Big Daddy for father's day he wanted to go to the Golfsmith store before we went to rainforest cafe. So this is my version of a husband sitting outside of a clothing store waiting....bored!!!

 This was what Henry was doing. (Shelby was taking the pictures)
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Sweet baby

This picture & memory are priceless (I took all these pics with my freakishly long arms)

Love, love, him

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Even More Swimming


my snuggle bug
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Swimming

Shelby posing (shocking)

Henry doing his back float

Mama & Henry

my two babies
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Father's Day swim

Henry swimming with Daddy

Shelby & her Daddy
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Chicago Trip

Henry & our friend Kurt

Daren & his buddy Kurt Pegler

brother & sister back together again after 2 weeks. This is Sunday morning on Father's Day in our hotel room. They were so cute at the airport, they missed each other soooo very much!!!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hangin ' with Henry

We got Henry a new swing, even though he's not smiling he truly loves it!

Where's Henry?

Peek a boo!!!! Too cute!!
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Church Friends

Tyler, my Henry, & the other Henry
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st Mammy

So on June 1st I had my 1st mammogram (yeah me) I got squished like a pancake but overall not that big of a deal! So I left going ok I can do this once a year no biggee!!! WRONG! So the very next day I get a phone call saying my right breast is different from my left, so we need another mammogram & possibly an ultra sound. Ummmm....okay! So Monday June 13th I went for follow up tests. I walk into the mammy room & the tech shows me ok here's the spot, okay, so I'm thinking the picture wasn't great we just need a different view. So she does the pics & says I'll show them to the radiologist & he'll decide if you need an ultra sound. Yes, I needed an ultra sound, I could see the spot on the ultra sound YIPPEE! So ok you should get a call tomorrow about the results. So I waited until about 3:15 the next day & I couldn't take it anymore so I called the women's imaging center, blah blah you need a biopsy. So on Monday June 20th I'm having a biopsy with a surgeon. I'm hoping it's nothing but if it is, we'll deal with it & move on! Tuesday is my pap kinda scared to go to that. Darn insurance, they were the ones to say I had to have these tests. So if it's bad I suppose I'll have to write a letter of thanks! Anyways.....I will be trying to let go & go with God's plan WHATEVER that is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011