Friday, April 29, 2011

Biggest Chair ever

What do you do for fun? Ummmm....we went to Menards! In Menards they have the biggest chair I've ever seen.

I couldn't touch the ground, crazy!

It was even big for Big Daddy. His feet touched if he really tried, he's 6'6" so if it's to big for him you get it, the chair was huge!!!!

This was Shelby's surprised face!!! What a little actress she is!

Henry sat in his chair looking at us like we were crazy!!! Which lets face it we are!!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleepin again

We had to run some errands, we were in Kmart & Henry couldn't take it anymore

So precious when he's sleeping, his sister would never have fallen asleep like this, Henry would sleep anywhere which I love because we are always on the go!!!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First communion

Shelby, Nana, & Bubby

Shelby made her first communion on Maundy Thursday (she was soooo excited)

Daddy, Mama,  & Shelby (we were so proud of our little girl, she's growing up too fast)

Pastor Todd & Shelby (Pastor shaved his beard off he looked like he was 15 too funny)
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Shelbys Dr. Visit

Shelby had her well child check up (it's a lot more fun going to the Dr. when she's not sick)

Henry played on the floor while we were waiting

Princess Shelby posing while we waited for the doc
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Snuggling with Dada

Henry with his big blue eyes and tongue stuck out......normal

My 2 precious boys
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Snuggling with Mama

This little blue eyed boy melts my heart

Henry & I reading my book! I think we have another reader in the family
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Lenten supper

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt #3

Today was our Church Easter egg hunt. With hunt, face painting, craft, cupcake walk, decorate a cookie, hotdogs & chips. Big Daddy had to work so the kids & I went, we had a great time.
 Henry getting his one egg (Shelby took the picture)

Henry eating the egg (Shelby took this one too, a budding photographer huh?)

Shelby with her I'll fake smile for you if you'll take it quick so we can be done smile! Gotta love her!!

Shelby, Henry & I right after eating lunch (I took this picture)
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Walcott Egg Hunt

Henry getting his first egg ever!! Inside was a ring with a bunny on top, I thought it was a toy & gave it to him. A little while later I look down & realize.......duh it's candy. He had sticky drool all over him, he liked it, whoops another bad mom move, oh well many more to come I'm sure!!!

Shelby & Lexi Loo Hoo are in the middle running

Leah taking stock of all her treats

Lexi Loo Hoo, with the cheesiest grin I've ever seen!!!!! What a ham you are loohoo!!!
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Walcott Egg Hunt

Shelby and all her loot

Trey buddy

Leah and her lips whistle, too cute!!!!

the cutie cousins
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Midland hunt #2

My little man and I

Henry looking like a cool dude. Maggie gave him these glasses, he was shocked for a moment so snapped a pic, then he of course took them off & ate them

The bunny and his little baby Alyssa
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