Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preggers Update

Had my ob apt. on Monday! We scheduled Henry's birth for the c-section. It's 8-10-10. It's weird to have it scheduled, the time and everything, makes it a little more real...YIKES!!!! My body is sooooo ready, mentally I'm not so sure, but ready or not he's coming. All this could change of course if Henry decides he doesn't like that day & wants to come early (personally I vote for the 8th which is my favorite number but at this point as long as he's healthy that's all that matters) I will update as things go!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Proud!

Last week on the way to camp, we stopped @ the quickie store. I was in a hurry, just about to turn around & say "hurry up Shelby, let's get moving" when I turned around my sweet little girl was holding the door open for a little old lady. The lady said "Oh thank you sweetie to Shelby", I was proud, my grinning daughter says to me "I want to be just like you Mama, the way you help people" WOW! I couldn't have been anymore humbled or proud then I was at that moment. Made me realize it's not just what you say, it's what you do, because man those little ones watch everything you do! That was a good day!!!

Father's Day

Super Dad (Enough said)

This is a hand print Shelby made at camp.

Awwwww, too sweet!

Shelby made this apron for Daddy for grilling. It says "My Dad's The Best Hands Down" I'm the luckiest woman in the world, I got to marry the man of my dreams, my best friend, & he's a fabulous Daddy too!!!!! Thanks sweetie, I love you!
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Henry's baby Shower #1

Sign that Faith made to greet us!

Is this cake precious or what? It was so darn cute I didn't want to cut into it!

Shelby ("the Big Sister") & Mama.

Left to right~ Shari (my boss), Maggie (my co-worker, & one of my best buddies), Lisa (a very talented co-worker) Thank you all soooo much for the great shower, I couldn't ask for better friends & coworkers!
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Baby SHower Gifts

Johnny Jump Up & a car from Cathy @ work

Shelby opening the pack n play from Ev & Marie, Grandma SuAnn, & Mil, Mike, Em, & Avery.

Shelby holding the onesie Faith (from work) made special with an "h" for Henry. I think it's a little small for you Shelby!

Nose picker, every Mom's dream. If you would've told me before I had Shelby that I would HAVE to pick her nose, I would've said you were crazy. It's a little weird but I still do it (once in awhile!) So I would only assume my compulsion will come back with a new baby coming, look out Henry here comes Mama!
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Baby Shower Guests

Generous people I work with!

More co-workers

Grandma SuAnn came which truly touched me! (She was representing the Bieri-Arp clan)

Shelby & I's friends Miss Brenda & Madi! Thanks so much to everyone for coming!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 32

Were now at week 32. Henry is 16.7 inches long, 3.75 lbs (or weighing in at a large Jicama) We have 
7 weeks left, wow time is finally starting to fly.
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Henry's Big Sister!

Almost every day Shelby talks to Henry. She kisses him, then she lays her head on my tummy & says "Henry can you kick your sissy" & most days he does, kicks her right in the melon, too funny. Shelby will be a great big sister!!!
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Lexi Loo Hoo & Shelby. This is Saturday's dance recital for Poms.

This is Sunday's dance recital. Shelby is wearing her jazz costime. Kenzie is wearing the tap costume. Hard to believe Kenzie & Shelby are in the same grade & same age huh?

Dancer girls. Shelby did much better on Sunday, she seemed to enjoy it much more. The finale was great, it was a Michael Jackson montage. I leaned over & said to Daren....ummm most of these kids weren't born when these songs were out, ugh feel old anyone? This dance season has been rough, Shelby hasn't wanted to go, & her heart wasn't in it, but we made her finish what she started. She has wisely decided to "take a year off" (her words) She's been doing dance since she was 3, I think she's burned out, plus it's such a long season (Sept to June) She also wants to try new things, like golf lessons, skate lessons, & basketball.
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Octopus anyone?

After Shelby's performance, tradition is to go to Dynasty buffet (which she picked again) They had octopus on the buffet so Shelby decided to try it, she took a bite, then another one, then spit it out & said it's rubbery!!!! (Yuck, good for you for at least trying something new)
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Our little Actress

A couple of Tuesday's ago Shelby had her acting performance, called "Writers Block." She played a meteorologist. She remembered all her lines & did a great job. Being up on stage is my biggest nightmare & Shelby she lives for it. Were so proud of her!!! Good job Shelbers!!

This is her costume. She hated the hat, on the side of it, it had a huge lighting bolt.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


On Tuesday June 8th, we lost a very special family member, Cosmo our 16 year old dog. We waited a little longer than we should have but now she won't have to be in pain or suffer anymore! Daren & I took her to the vet, we were there to the end, & right before she passed the last thing she saw was my face, we couldn't bear for her to be alone! We petted her, kissed her goodbye it was heartbreaking. That was only 1/2 of the hard part, the second part was telling our 8 year old that was rough! She cried, talked, & we snuggled for about an hour. That was the first time she ever saw Daddy cry. Shelby put her hand on my tummy & said "Mama, Henry will never know Cosmo" (ugh more heart break) When we got Cosmo 16 years ago in Texas we never dreamed we were getting such a great dog. Other than shots & grooming she's never been to the vet, we were very lucky. When we got Cosmo, we lived in Texas, I had no friends she was my only friend. She went everywhere with me. If I went to McDonald's & didn't get her a hamburger she would pout. Not only did she want the hamburger but she would only eat the burger (hold the onions, pickles, & bread please!) She was a little princess that's for sure. 
 Picture #1-(Top left) Right after we got Cosmo at 8 weeks old, what a small little black fur ball! Picture #2-(Bottom left) Sleeping on Mama. Picture #3- (Top right) Cosmo has never thought she was a dog. In this picture she was laying on the back of the couch like a cat. Picture #4-This is Cosmo sitting up looking out the window, she was soooo funny!

Pure Cosmo!!! I've been putting off posting these pictures because it's sooooo hard. I'm pregnant & hormonal so of course I'm even more emotional, but wow this is hard!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindy our 14 year old dog! What to say about Mindy...she's kinda lost! All her life she's had her big sister. Now like the rest of us, something is missing. We've been giving her extra love & attention. I hope we have more time with her, I don't think we could bear losing another one right now.
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Last Night!

This was the night before we took Cosmo to the vet! We all spent some special time with her, saying our goodbyes & giving her lots of love. We'll miss you old friend, now you won't be in pain anymore, & you can chase all the bun buns in heaven you want!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance Pics

Darcie, Grace, Kenzie, & Shelby

80's look (Flashdance anyone!) -Tap

60's Go-Go Girl-Jazz

Riley & Shelby
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