Friday, November 27, 2009

Family photo

Daren took all these pics of us! Cutting off Shelby

Still cutting her off

Most of her

Yeah, finally all of us in the picture, it was quite comical.
I got a little emotional today, thinking of the ones who
don't have families, or gifts, or all the blessings I have.
I'm so grateful for my loving husband, & beautiful, smart daughter
The tree is up, lit & ready to go, we'll finish decorating tomorrow.
Hope everyone has as much fun trimming the tree as we do.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my parents after cooking Thanksgiving lunch, then pie! Nap time! We left after this, too much fun! Thanks Momma & Daddy, great as usual.

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Part 2 & 3 of the field Trip!

Part 2 was the Festival of Trees. Shelby standing in front of an Elvis tree (she knows Mama loves Elvis)

Pointing @ the train

Shelby's class. The short lady with long hair in the back right is Shelby's teacher.

Shelby & her classmate Danielle She also did mini golf, decorated a box, hula hoop, obstacle course, she had alot of fun. Part 3 of the field trip was a visit to city hall to meet the mayor..... The mayor couldn't come he had an important meeting. So we met Mayor Pro-Tem Shelby was pretty disappointed. Then the bus ride back to school. I had a good time, as most of the kids did too!
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Happy Joe's Results

Here's the final results of making our pizzas Shelby's cheese!

Aurea's sauage

Veonna's sausage, Natalie's cheese. It was yummy! I wanted the Happy Joe's special (canadian bacon & sauerkraut) but that wasn't an option, oh well, it was free! :)

My sausage!
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Field Trip @ Happy Joe's

Shelby & one of her best buddies Natalie from her class (who she just found out is moving to Kansas, Shelby's bummed) Natalie said to me "My Mom's not white" I said, "Oh yeah!" she said "she's Veetmenese" Too cute!

Shelby & Mama

Madi & Miss Brenda (sorry Bren, I know your eyes are mostly closed, but it's the only one I took!!!)

Shelby making her pizza.....Cheese of course.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


This past Friday night after bingo Shelby stayed with Nana & Pop in the "bus" (the RV) so we went to see a movie, on opening night @ 10:00pm. We were afraid we would fall asleep, because that's when we go to bed. I said to Big Daddy "Huh, so this is what young couples do on a Friday night?" I think I have forgotten what it was like before Shelby. Anyways the movie was The Blind Side, it was soooooo good! We both loved it! Great football stuff, humor, heartache, oh my! I laughed, I cried, my heart hurt, & so much joy.
Loved it, loved it, loved it! I would highly recommend it to anyone, go see it!

Festival of Trees Parade

This clown is Craig Woodard a salesmen at my office, he said he may have found his calling!

This is my American girl!

Oh man it's Santa, you know what that means? The end!
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Pop & Austin (the dog)

Pop (with the glittery visor he won that Shelby helped pick out), Shelby with a ring pop.

Austin the dog

Pop won bingo once, Big Daddy won twice. Big Daddy got the dog for Shelby & a sparkly bracelet. Shelby was thrilled. We had a great time!
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Lunch W/Shelby

Nana & Shelby

Shelby & Pop (I loved this one too!) They were both laughing so hard, they both had their eyes closed too funny!

Shelby in her natural habitat @ school sitting @ her table.

Shelby & Chavez from her class. We (Nana & I) were taking pictures & Chavez decided he was going to be in the picture. Cute. We went to school today to have lunch with Shelby & all her friends. We took Subway with us. The kids all want to sit with us because it's the only table that gets to talk, which is funny because they have about 10 minutes to eat. It's fun kind of like being a rock star.
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"Hole in the Sock"

Shelby had a play last Monday evening @ Junior Theater. Her character was "Princess Stuck-Up"

She loved her (polyester costume)

Shelby & Big Daddy (I loved this picture)

Tradition when Nana & Pop are here after Shelby's play, we go to Dynasty Buffet. Uncle Dan, Big Daddy, Shelby, Pop, & Nana Enie.
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Dance clinic!

Shelby went to the West High dance clinic @ West High (oddly enough) She had a great time except when we got there after 4 hrs. of dance clinic she was pooped. It didn't help that it was like 85 degrees in there, I was enough warm (not hot, but warm) Daren & Shelby were melting :)

Sweaty, & tired but.....

still able to look cute & strike a pose!!!
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Dump anyone?

The dump truck from Daddy's work! We did a ton of yard work, tree trimming, leaves, mow etc... (This was last weekend, I'm a little behind, oops)

Shelby yells, MAMA come take my picture!

She's ready to drive...NOT!!
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