Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Day!

Today is my last day of work for awhile. It's exciting & scary all at once. Today is Shelby's last day of camp, I can't believe summer is almost over already. Henry will be here in 11 days, & school starts in 19 days WoW! hard to believe. I must be hormonal today because I swear if someone looks at me funny today I'm either going to kill them or cry hysterically......never no what you'll get!!!!! Today I'm working for Maggie from 8-4 which is a long day, then tonight we have a River Bandits game through work & after the game is fireworks, I'm tired already just thinking about it! Tomorrow Shelby has ice skating lessons, then were headed to Cedar Rapids for Daren's aunt & uncle's 40th anniversary party, so another long one, oh well maybe I can catch a nap on the car ride. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winding down!

Tomorrow is my last day of work, I was going to work one more week, but I decided I'm done. Shelby had the option of going to the last week of camp or staying home with me for a week, & to my surprise she wants to stay home with me! So were going to make out a list of things to accomplish (I'm guessing we won't get it all done but will do the best we can)
On Monday I had my ob appt. his heart rate was 152, my blood pressure was 106/62. My cervix was tottally closed. Henry didn't like the exam process so he went catty corner & stuck his foot in my rib (nice huh, whatta guy!) Yesterday when I woke up he had moved thank goodness. He's behaving himself more now, he hates those docs...Our air conditioner quit last Saturday...yikes!!!!! It was a miserable night sleep, but Sunday it was fixed (thanks Ben, if I wasn't married I would marry you!) It's amazing I'm the hottest person in the house now, I never thought I'd see that happen!
I put on a shirt this morning I hadn't worn before, it has a panel in the front, Shelby says "Mom what's with those lines I said it's a panel for as you grow (I've just grown as far as you can grow) It looks like I have a beach ball under my attractive.....I know, I know almost over!!!! Shelby says "No offense but.....(I know I'm in trouble now) your HUGE!!!!! Thanks my loving, sweet daughter. Arrrggghhhhh come on Aug 10th!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goofy Family!!

Grandpa Bubby & Shelby. They call each other "Bootiful" They do the 3 stooges routine, these two crack me up. They were wearing silly hats, (where was this silly Daddy when I was kid?)
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So Sunday July 18th, I turned 40 years old. When I got back to work on Tuesday, this is how my desk looked. (courtesy of Maggie Weber!) Nice huh? I had a great birthday, very relaxing! Big Daddy & Shelby took care of me all day. All I asked for, for my birthday was to get Henry's room done. (We did) Thanks Big Daddy & Shelby for all your help.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad's Apron!!!!

When Shelby gave Daren this apron, (it says my Dad is the best HANDS down) on Father's Day he was sitting down & held it up to him, it looked fine. On my birthday he decided he would wear it to make my steak for dinner. He put it on & it looked like a barbie apron it was so small, I laughed so hard I cried!!!!! I love this man, with all my heart!!! In November we will have been together for 19 yrs. I can't believe after all this time, we still laugh & have so much fun!!! ( for him!!!!!)
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Henry's Bed

Big Daddy putting together Henry's crib (generously donated to us by Auntie Lynn & Uncle John, thanks guys!!!) (Oh yeah & delivered from North Carolina via Nana Enie & Pop from VA...Thank you!!!)

Shelby organizing Henry's books (books donated by Shelby herself, that she outgrew!!!) What a great big Sissy!!!

Crib again!!!

Minus the bumper (which was in the wash at the time!!!) It's all together, just waiting for our sweet little bundle to go in it!!! I know I feel better, he comes early he has a place to sleep...pheeeewwwwww!!!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Henry's Baby Shower #2

 My sister-in-law Leisha, Lexi Loo Hoo, Shelby, my cousin Stephanie & her daughter Hailey

Leah Baby

My Aunt Donna, Aunt Sharon, my Momma & Leah

Carrie put on this shindig with her Mom Linda, & daughters Katelyn & Ashley. Thanks so much girls I appreciate it very much!!!! Carrie was very thoughtful she got a present for Shelby so she wouldn't feel left out! I thought that was so great, & as you can see Shelby loved it!!! Thank you to all the people who came & brought gifts & well wishes. Thanks also to all the people (from out of town or who had plans & couldn't come) but generously sent gifts! I appreciate it! We are so blessed with all the gifts we've received for baby Henry.
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More Baby Shower

Leah (my niece) & I

Katelyn (Katei Sue, my Goddaughter & Carrie's daughter) she took all the pics at the shower.

Diane Stanger & Linda Howard

me & my bestest buddy!!
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More Baby Shower!

Linda Howard, Carrie Rigdon, Me, & my Momma. Linda & my Mom have been friends for about 50 or so years, & Carrie & I have been best friends for 39 years.

Me & my Momma (do I look like my Mom?......I don't see it other than the nose)

Daren's Aunt Bev, & cousin Megan Spain

Duck cake, Shelby & I. Cake is too cute huh?
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Pine Lake

Shelby & Lexi Loo Hoo went to Pine Lake camp again this year. (Next year they go for a whole week) Pine Lake Christian Camp is in Eldora, Iowa about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away. Shelby loves it there, she had a blast. She came home with a gizzallion & one bug bites but at least it wasn't lice, or tics, or something else worse. She loved her counselors too! They had a talent show, one night Shelby sang "You are my sunshine" (which is funny because that is her one big fear, singing in front of people)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sibling Class

Shelby, Daddy & Katelyn (her baby doll) Daddy & Shelby practicing swaddling.

This is the craft the kids made. Were supposed to bring this to the hospital when Henry's born & they'll put his little foot print next to his sissy's hand print. Too cute huh?

More swaddling practice. Looking at this little girls face, she looks so grown up, one minute I think she's so big, the next I remember like yesterday her being a helpless little newborn. How does time go so fast?

Swaddled Katelyn like a old pro!!!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ramblings on a Friday

On Wednesday Shelby went to away camp in Eldora, IA (a couple of hours away). I thought I'm going to really try to enjoy this time so much while she's gone, relax or do whatever I want.....ha!!! Thursday I worked from 7:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. came home, ate frozen pizza for dinner (Daren cooked) then went to get 2 new tires put on the van @ Farm N Fleet. By the time we got home it was after 8:00pm. Did a couple things on the computer, went to bed at 9:30 pheeeeww too tired to even read. Today working 7:45 - 4:45
at lunch ran to bank, & got oil changed, tonight more things to take care of Tomorrow morning we go pick up Lexi Loo Hoo & Shelby girl. Daren has been getting up @ 3:45am to go to work this week, so moral of the story.....were both pooped out & pretty much no fun or relaxing was had while she was gone. The good thing is I've been so busy I haven't been missing her too much (still missing her though) Hope the girls had fun, can't wait to hug them both. Pictures to follow I'm sure. I sent a camera with Shelby so if she hasn't lost the camera, should be interesting to see what she captured.
On a different subject, I got dressed this morning turned sideways & went "holy crap" I went from a large basketball to a beach ball how did that happen??? I know, I know I'm growing a baby I'm supposed to get bigger blah, blah, blah, it still messes with my head!!!! I was telling Janet at work this & she says "Don't look sideways in the mirror" (sounds easy if only I could not do that :0)  !!!!!!!)
Happy Friday to everyone, hope you have a fabulous weekend, thanks for listening to me go on & on!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Our "Little Miss Fireracker"

Big Daddy. Can you tell how humid it is? My lense kept frogging up!

Big Mama. Shelby & I had matching shirts but......I outgrew mine, it was sorta a belly shirt now, not attractive.

Shelby & sparklers. To the left you can see Henry popping out :0)
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July 3rd

We went down to the river front to watch the fireworks, in downtown Davenport (by where Big Daddy used to work @ Builders) I was worried about it being to hot, but it was great there was a nice breeze, the bugs weren't bad, & the fireworks were awesome!!!! It was a great show we all enjoyed it very much!!!!
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I found this as I was cutting up a slice of ham for breakfast. I thought it was fitting!

Shelby & Mama at Applebees.

Shelby & Big Daddy, 4th of July morning! How much do I love these two? I can't even say in words, but when I think of these two my heart swells with love, pride, & gratitude!
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Oh Baby!

We got a tour of the birth floor at the hospital. Nurse Ann was so kind to Shelby, she showed her around, explained what everything was, and answered every one of Shelby's questions (which anyone who has met Shelby knows she has ALOT of questions!!!!)

A baby bun bun Shelby & saw. I guess it's baby on the brain all the time.

Big Daddy took these in our local Walmart.

Huge huh, wow?
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