Friday, April 23, 2010

Preggers Update

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon for the blurry eyes. My blood pressure was 104/60, Henry's heart
rate 153. Urine normal. So basically just hormonal changes in my eyes, today they feel better....crazy. I told the nurse how sorry I was for taking up their time. She said no problem we want you to call if theres any change at all. (since I'm "advanced maternal age" ugh!) While the nurse was looking for Henry's heart rate she found it, then she said oh he just kicked me, I said yeah I get that alot! This morning I was up @ 2:46 am & went back to sleep about 5:30am until 7:30. I guess my body is getting ready for the up numerous times in the night thing. Oh well this too shall pass!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preggers Update

Having some eye issues yesterday & today, blurriness to be exact. I can see up close, just have a hard time seeing far away (which I wear glasses to correct) Hormonal changes can cause eye changes, but I called the doctor just to be safe. I have to go in at 1:30 to get my blood pressure checked. The last time i was at the doctor it was 108 over 50, so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I had some swelling on Monday of my legs but it's gone now, & I have no other symptoms so I'm just going as a precaution, I'm sure everything is fine, Henry's still moving around like crazy. I'll update later after the doctor.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Preggers Update

This is week 24! I have 3 months, & 3weeks to go!
Henry is the size of a foot long sandwich (or an ear of
corn) he's 1 1/2 pounds & super active! A little swelling,
some back aches, but all in all things are
progressing nicely. Yummy that sandwich is
making me hungry. I guess it's a good thing were
having Subway tomorrow for lunch (pics to follow)

More golf!

Shelby & her instructor Justin! He really taught her quite a bit in just 5 lessons. This summer she's going to take lessons @ Red Hawk, she asked Dad last night when it started (she just finished her last lesson yesterday I guess she ready for more)
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Our little Star

Great stance sister!

Big finish!

This picture makes me want to cry! Big Daddy will love this picture when his little girl is all grown up! He is so proud of her, & such a good Daddy! I love them both sooooo much! (hey I'm pregnant & mushy what can I say?!?)
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We went to Incredible Pizza with Nana & Pop the Buffet was awesome we were all impressed!
This is a game Shelby played, flick the pig. She didn't do so hot, but I think she had fun!

Bumper cars. Shelby loved, loved, loved doing this. Notice the colors of her bumper car? Blue & orange the colors she wants for her walls & ceiling!

Big Daddy & Pop went to play golf, so the girls had our "tradition" our lunch at the Olive Gardern with soup, salad, & breadsticks!
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Look out LPGA!

Shelby started taking golf lessons...which her Daddy is soooo excited that she is interested in golf! This was lesson #4, normally at the the big soccer ball on Brady street indoors, but today they had a lesson outside. Setting up her shot!

Wow, look at it fly!

Shelby & her instructor Justin. Learning how to get out of the sand trap!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Preggers Update

This week is week 22. Our little man is the size of a spaghetti squash (I took a picture of one @ Hyvee, I wasn't sure what it looked like) He weighs a pound now. Henry is a mover let me tell you. On Tuesday I went for my monthly checkup, his heartbeat was 154. As last check up, the ultrasound & this time he was also being ornery. The nurse finally got his heart beat strongly on the fifth attempt, mind of his own already yikes! His favorite spot to be is down low on my bladder, so needless to say I'm peeing like crazy. The check up went well, I measured at 22 weeks, heart beat is strong, & he's very active so all is well, thank you God!

Daren finally said I looked pregnant, he wouldn't admit it before kinda hard to deny now!!! :)

Shelby giving Henry a kiss!!!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter At Our House!

Shelby's basket
Sydney spent the night with us Saturday night, then on
Sunday we got up & went to church, so we did the Easter
bunny thing after we got home in the afternoon!
Shelby knows who the bunny is now, I guess some
of the magic is over now, but we get to start all over with
Henry, should be fun!!!

The silly Zhu Zhu pets that Shelby has been begging for.

You make those shades look good sister!

Shelby, & Zhu Zhu pets (Jilly w/tiara & tutu Chunk w/the bunny ears) I think there kinda silly, but man does she love them!
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More Easter

Leah baby (this picture reminds me of Little House on the prairie, when baby Carrie is running down the hill)

The Huntley's Leah,Lexi, Dave, Trey, Zach, & Leisha

Henry got a Easter basket too from Nana & Bubby Bib overalls, & baby Gap jammies

A cute shirt, (with a concrete mixer on it for Daddy) Check out the diaper, it's a size one, oh my gravy it was so tiny. I think I've forgotten how small they are when they are born, man before you know it your baby is 8 years old....where does the time go?
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More Easter pics

Trey Buddy (blending nicely with the grass)

Lexi Loo Hoo (she was done hunting eggs, but recreated finding one for me, isn't she sweet?)


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More family Easter pics

Nana, Bubby & Shelby

Mike, Valerie, Sydney, & Mikayla

My little family of 3 1/2 (Henry was hiding in my tummy) I'm amazed sometimes how blessed I am! I can't believe God gave me Daren, then my sweet little Shelby, now another one, truly blessed I am!

Me & my brothers! (Dave & Mike) (Fattin' out on the couch)
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Easter Pics

The five girls! Leah baby, Lexi Loo Hoo, Shelby, Sydney & Mikayla Poo!

The two boys, Zach & Trey buddy! (Next year we'll have another little boy)

Grandpa Bubby, Nana Sue, & all 7 of the grandkids!

Are they adorable or what?
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Mikayla (my brother Mike's other daughter)


Syd, Mikayla Poo, & Shelby

Silly Syd! We went bowling with the girls for Sydney's birthday,
then walked around the mall, ice cream, Build A Bear,
& Justice, good day!
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