Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden part 3

Daddy & Shelby putting cages on the tomato plants.
All the plants are in. Cauliflower, broccoli, brussell sprouts, tomatos, green peppers, cabbage, and carrots. We have the chicken wire up all around, more pictures to come as they grow!
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This is Shelby when she was 1 month old, with "baby". The other one is today with "baby". Quite the difference huh? I can't believe how fast she's growing. She still sleeps with baby every night!
Baby's stuffing is not so thick anymore. When Shelby was 2 or 3 (I can't remember anymore) I thought I would keep baby in the keepsakes box. So I bought the other one which she named "Emme" (it was her Dragon Tails faze) As any parent knows it didn't work, Emme still looks brand new, baby not so much. Oh well! I just thought I would do some looking back....ahhhhh I'm tearing up as we speak. Ok moving on, thanks for sticking with me.
Nana & Bubby bought baby before Shelby was born.
I think you made a good decision Nana!
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Lexi Loo Hoo & Shelby
Lexi Loo Hoo & Shelby @ KidZone!
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Miss Leah Baby!

We went to Lexi Loo Hoo's game tonight (oops I don't have any of the game) I was distracted by this little angel, my niece baby Leah. She makes me smile! Shelby cut her knee open. Trey cut his knee open. Trey got hit in the cheek with a rock via some little monster boy. After the rock it was quite funny, the little monster who hit Trey saw big brother Zach & I giving him the eye & he said to Trey "Hit me please, right here" (pointing to his face) It was hilarious. Trey didn't hit him back though. I think Lexi's team won, but I'm not sure there was so much going on! Lexi is spending the night tonight, so I'm sure I'll have more pics tomorrow!
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Ride the Pony

We went to the Library after school today. One of Shelby & I's favorite places in the world. She found this pony on the floor, she sat with the pony for awhile & read her book. I could see the idea bubble over her head saying can I get this pony to stand up? So the smart girl put two chairs close & away she went.
Ta Da!!!
Ta Da!!!!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Royal ScrewUP!

I went shopping at Once Upon A Child (a second hand shop) for shorts & shirts for Shelby for camp. I bought these shorts because they're green (her favorite color) Shelby put them on, I looked at the shorts, then at Big Daddy, & went OH NO!!!!!!! I bought St. Louis Cardinals shorts. YUCK!!!!!!! Were Cubs fans! To all the Cubs fans out there I apologize with all my heart. Paul & Cassie I'm sure this makes your day! :(
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tillin' the garden!

Shelby took all these lovely photos! We have to work on not wiggling. Big Daddy tilling up the garden.
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40 years together!

Happy Anniversary to my Daddy & Momma who've celebrated their 40th yesterday the 24th. I made them a cake. The 4 is strawberry my Daddy's fav. The 0 is chocolate my Momma's fav. I hope they have many more years together! Love you both!
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Look at the catch!

The big one is a bass, Big Daddy caught it with Shelby's Bugs Bunny pole. He said it was bent over about ready to bust in half. He did it though, way to go.
Shelby & Big Daddy with the haul. They caught many but only two were keepers.
Worms. Shelby took this picture. I'm so proud, my little blogger-in- training.
Shelby took this one too of Big Daddy & the tiny fish! They had a great time, they were gone about 6 hrs. The good news is they both want to go again.
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Fishing Day!

Look out Babe Winkelman
It's a biggin!
Good times!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Big Daddy & Shelby are going fishing today. They are both sooo excited. Before they left they were discussing worms & where to buy them. Shelby said "How about Dick's sporting God's?" So cute. I sent snacks, & busy activites just in case she gets bored, & my parting words to Big Daddy were "Remember she's only 7" I hope they have a great time together. I sent the camera with him to document, so hopefully I'll be blogging more about the trip later.

Travolta's time!

One of my best buds Millie, & I
Ev & Daren
Pretty Mama & Big Daddy. Everyone else was hot, I had on long jeans, a shirt, & a sweatshirt.
Millie & Mike.
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Date Night

We went to Ribco (Rock Island Brewing Company) to see "The Travoltas" 70's Disco . It was fabulous, we danced our arses off. Big Daddy was in 70's heaven, we wished John Cooper would've been with us he's the only who loves 70's more then Big Daddy.
Snugglin' with Big Daddy.
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The Results

The boring one on top left with no flower is Miss Brenda's what a fuddy duddy. :) Bottom left in green me, brown shoe Madi, & Yellow Shelby.
Shelby & I
Shelby & I. Aren't the flowers cute? The four of us decided were going to do a girl's date every 4-6 weeks for sandal weather. Fun!
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