Monday, February 22, 2010

Shopping Baby Fun!

What did you say Daren, I didn't look pregnant? Fooled ya! No I haven't skipped ahead a few months. We went to the store Motherhood while at the mall. They have this fake belly, so you can see what it will look like. Shelby & I were cracking up. She said Mama your huge, I guess she hasn't seen too many pregnant women towards the end. We had a great day together, didn't buy much, but walked the whole mall, laughed, talked (ALOT), good times!
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Sunday~Girl's Day

Big Daddy went to Eva's house to play & hang out. Shelby & I had a date planned. First we went to see Ramona Quimby (the play @ Junior theater) It was cute. Afterward they gave all the kids a free Ramona book, & Ramona herself signed it for Shelby, she was excited!

Then we went to Olive Garden....Yummy!!!! I always get soup, salad & breadsticks (creature of habit what can I say?) I always get Pasta Fagoli.

When Nana Enie comes the 3 of us girls try & go to Olive Garden if we can. One time awhile back we went & Shelby got chicken nuggets kids meal. She didn't like them, had a headache, basically was on the verge of a melt Nana shared some of her soup with Shelby. She thought it was the best thing ever, & of course cured her headache, so needless to say that's what she gets everytime now. Gnocchi soup (spinach, dumplings, carrots, chicken, & celery) She said again yesterday "Aaaahhhhh my soup, the headache cure!" She cracks me up sometimes, what a hoot! Then we went to the mall for a couple of hours.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Posing Pictures

This picture was taken at 15 weeks

Do I look very pregnant? Not much!

15 weeks the baby is the size of an apple.
Tomorrow will be 16 weeks the size of an
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Thursday, February 18, 2010


My daughter is growing up.....I know, I know it's a natural thing, but...........I'm a little frightened by all the questions all of a sudden of my 8 year old. Here's a sample of my last couple of weeks of questions.
  • What's juvie?
  • What does drunk mean?
  • (After watching baby story w/me) Why would any woman want to have the baby out her "bagina"?
  • Mama, am I fat?
  • Did you & Daddy live together before you got married?
  • Why don't some people believe in God?
  • Will you love the baby more than me?
  • Why are some kids more popular than others?
  • Why do Mama's & Daddy's sleep in the same bed?
  • Why did God do this to the people in Haiti?
  • Because your tired all the time does that mean we have a bad baby?
  • Did I drink out of your breast? No, why not?
  • What's the difference between laughing & giggling?
Those are just the ones I can remember right now, some no problem, some I have to give some thought.
What did parents do before google? I couldn't live without it. Bless you Google people. I know this is only the start, but my god school stuff is getting hard for me (maybe it's pregnancy brain maybe not?) Some of it I remember but man when you don't use it all the time, you forget. Thanks for listening! I find myself wondering.....Wow, how are we not going to be too tired with this next one, because Shelby is exhausting by herself pheeeeewwww! I think I need a nap! Hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine"s"

This is the love of my life! Big Daddy got these 2 presents from baby M&M. Shelby got him a watch, & I got him This is It~Michael Jackson. I got a snuggie, & Black Eyed Peas CD!

Shelby got a Hello Kitty dress, a Sugar Plum Fairy book, & 2 new "bras". As you can see she was very excited. We had breakfast with Nana & Bubby @ Gramma's kitchen. I napped for a couple hours, Daren & Shelby went to bowl (Big Daddy had to bowl singles & doubles @ Miller Time) Then we went to dinner @ Applebees, it was sooooo yummy. Shelby said we ate out 3 times today YES!!! (don't get used to it!) A very good day!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Which one are you?

So women which one are you?........The woman that says, I was never happier when I was pregnant, it was the best thing I ever did?.........or Wow, this kinda sucks, 9 months huh? I'm in the 2nd category at least today.
I had a not so great OB appt. the other day (the baby is fine, & I'm fine) it was the Dr. that got to me a bit.
I'm on day 5 or 6 of a stupid head cold, I still don't look pregnant, can't feel any movement yet, just having a day I guess. Enough complaining now, sorry I had to gripe for a bit, I'll be better tomorrow. Monday will be at 15 weeks (the size of a navel orange) Baby M&M is doing great! (Heartbeat was 166 @ appt. Shelby was quite concerned & figured out it went down 9 beats from the ultra sound, the nurse reassured her it was perfectly fine) Shelby's teacher thinks she should illustrate & write a book about her journey to becoming a sibling.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1 for Haiti

Wilson school was raising money to send for Haiti relief. So the kids brought a $ everyday & got to do something different. Today was Pajama day. (I said I would pay $50 to wear pj's to work!)
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Day 2 for Haiti

Hat day! Is she colorful or what? In more ways then one!
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Day 3 for Haiti

It's hard to come with new & crazy I said to Shelby, "Let me take a shower & I'll think about it" (something about water makes me relax & think clearer) anyway's light bulb over head...let's do Polly pockets in her hair....ta-dah......crazy hair for sure!

Shelby said "this is the best hair do EVER Mama" Awwww shucks kid, I try!
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Day 4 for Haiti

Wear your favorite Jersey Day.

She didn't have one so she wore mine. (She didn't wear it all day though because she got too hot! Shocking she is for sure her Daddy's girl)
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