Friday, April 6, 2012

More Midland Egg Hunt Pics

Henry playing a bunny game. Your supposed to throw it through the body but he wanted more of a challenge so he put it through the ears.

Love the bubble wand

More bubble wand, & a little friend

Here bunny take my wand.....ALL DEE......ALL DEE

Really bunny ALL DEE, PLEASE!!!

Were going on a bear hunt (oops I got side tracked, it's one of Henry's favorite books, I read it everyday)

Shelby & Madi (they did sit on my lap briefly but noone got the pic)

Hunting some yummy candy

Henry wasn't quite sure about this whole scrounging on the ground for candy thing (normally Mama would say no Henry acky....poor kid, it's rough being 20 mths)
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Midland Egg Hunt


Henry loved the bubble wands!

Daddy it's soooooo bright!

I was the Easter bunny in the suit this year. As soon as I picked him up he said "ALL DEE" (which in Henry speak means all done) He didn't want to sit on my lap but he kept bringing me the bubble wand, sweet boy.
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Monkey boy?

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