Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Happy 10th birthday Miss Shelby Lynn! Your in the double digits! Where did the time go? Just yesterday it seems I was whispering in your ear "Mama's here Shelby, Mama's here" or rubbing your cheek to help you calm down for sleep (which still works by the way) I'm amazed by you everday, and so grateful I get to call you my daughter & I get to be your Mama. So blessed.
10 things I love about you!
  1. Kind heart
  2. Smart as a whip
  3. Willingness to try new things (even though they scare you to death)
  4. Your beauty (inside & out)
  5. Your goodness & caring
  6. Manners -must be good parents huh? heehee!!!
  7. Outgoing
  8. Friendly
  9. Silly
  10. Very, very dramatic!!!!
I love you sweet girl, your growing so fast & I can't wait to see the young woman you grow up to be! My wishes for you are - Happiness, laughter, joy, & peace!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendly Visit

Staff Sgt Pool came to visit to talk our girls about the Marines. The girls are writing letters & drawing pictures for the Marines overseas.
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Early Christmas Present

 Henry got to open one of his presents from Aunt Lynn, Uncle John & Gramma Sharon....his little red wagon. He LOVES it!!! It's the first thing he goes for in the morning & the first thing when he gets home from the sitter! Were going to visit Grandparents & The Coopers to celebrate "our" Christmas after Christmas so this wouldn't fit in the rental so he got to get it early, & it was a success!

Time out for a little drink, when your working hard!


You have to have trucks, & friends in the wagon. Boy I'm getting old. Now wagons have seats, seat belts, cup holders....back in my day (heehee) we had a metal rectangle & if whoever was pulling you went to fast you went flying out on your butt!
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Festival Of Trees

Sissy entertaining her brother while Mama waited "ALONE" in the to see Santa line. (I'm sure people were thinking really lady c'mon)

What a ham! She's always loved Santa. The dress she has on is way to short, but she loves it so she wears it with jeans underneath. (Cute huh? Dress from Nana Enie & Pop)

Henry's first Santa experience.....

NOT digging the big guy in the red suit with all the hair. (thank goodness I didn't pay for pictures, yikes)
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Babies

Those blue eyes, melt me everytime!

My two babies......for sure NICE!!!!
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Old Man

Trey had this hat, so he wanted Henry to try it on.

He's an old soul!
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